Why Use A Host Travel Agency?

Why Work With A Host Or Support Travel Agency?

You’ll have fewer expenses, higher commissions, excellent support, and access to the latest technology tools and travel industry trends.

A host or support travel agency is a bonded, accredited ARC/IATAN agency through which the home-based agent makes bookings. The home-based travel agent is not an employee of their host agency. The home-based travel agent is an independent contractor, a separate business, just like the host agency is a separate business. The home-based travel agent and the host agency are two businesses that join forces to accomplish goals that neither would be able to accomplish alone.

The primary reason a home-based travel agent works with a host agency is to collect commissions that he or she otherwise would not be able to collect. The most obvious example is airline tickets. Airlines will not ticket for independent home-based agents. Only an ARC/IATAN agency can print airline tickets, and only an ARC/IATAN agency can collect commissions paid on those tickets. The majority of airlines do not pay commission on air travel. It is up to the agent to charge a service fee to make any money on air bookings. The host agency has the ability to charge your client’s credit card and collect that service fee for you. Consequently, the home-based travel agent needs the host agency in order to provide his or her clients with airline tickets; the host agency needs the business the home-based travel agent generates to expand its market share.

Working through a host agency makes it easier to collect commissions, since many travel suppliers have long used the ARC and/or IATAN numbers of travel agencies to track who is owed what commissions. A host agency has the ability, due to volume of business, to set up a "preferred supplier" relationship with the supplier, consequently getting a higher commission rate than you can obtain on your own. The host agency has already set up the business processes to help you succeed. On your own, this would be very expensive and time-consuming.

List Of Preferred Status Agencies

The following is a list of host and support agencies that have set up a preferred status with Travel Agent Campus to provide travel agent training for their agents:

  • Travel Planners International, Maitland, FL
  • Travel Professionals International, Lake Mary, FL
  • American Travel Advisors, Washington, DC

Travel Planners International Host / Support Travel Agency Monthly Fee Schedule

The fee that is paid determines the commission that is received.

For $20, you get 70% of the commission received from your travel sales.
For $30, you get 80% of the commission received from your travel sales.
For $40, you get 90% of the commission received from your travel sales.

Additional Benefits

You’ll also benefit from the following:

  • 24/7 access to our exclusive TPI agent portal for access (Airlines, Cruises, Hotels, Resorts, Tour Operators, Vacation Providers) to everything a travel agent needs
  • Ongoing educational opportunities from TPI and industry suppliers via onsite and via Live Stream
  • Marketing tools and support via your website and from TPI staff
  • Advertising in the form of email blasts, direct mail, and social media posts
  • Consumer Connect listing so consumers can find you
  • Access to TPI agent only Facebook discussion group
  • Pay per lead access at a reduced price
  • Negotiation power and higher commissions with Ensemble Travel Group
  • Back office accounting software to keep track of your clients and your commissions
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance
  • Available website packages with integrated booking engine
  • Available 24/7 help desk for you and your clients

If you are a Host Agency and are interested in partnering with Travel Agent Campus, please call 888-376-9861.

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